I previously served as an intelligence officer for the U.S. Department of Defense in the Washington, D.C. area and in Afghanistan. I also worked in the think-tank world and had several opportunities to help bridge the gap between events overseas and the reporting/discussion here at home.

I regularly briefed Congressional staff, U.S. and coalition military personnel, and the general public. I also provided print, radio, and on-camera analysis for domestic and international media outlets including CNN, NPR, Fox News, Voice of America, USA Today, McClatchy News, La Razón, and The Sankei Shimbun.


The current situation in Afghanistan
Fox News — December 7, 2011

Diplomats Meet In Germany On Afghanistan’s Future
NPR — December 5, 2011

Afghan Assassination means Taliban ‘want war, not peace.’
CNN — September 20, 2011



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