Just Over the Horizon—


Hello, Friends!

As many of you know, I am currently working on a historical-fiction book about aviators during the First World War. It has been exciting (and daunting!) to immerse myself in the events of 1917 as I tell a story of some of the early fighter pilots of the Royal Flying Corps.

My primary focus—above all else—is to try and accurately convey the human experience of it all. I’ve always been fascinated by the personalities of such historical figures. Who were they? What set them apart from the others who kept their feet rooted firmly to the ground? How did they react when bullets punched through their wood-and-fabric aeroplane? Or when they found themselves in a terrifying dogfight through the clouds? How did those experiences change them? The list goes on and on, and I hope to shed some light on some of these topics.

I’ve long been drawn to history and aviation, and for this project I leaned heavily on primary-source material. During my research I regularly came across riveting recollections that sometimes surprised even me. I will share those types of unique stories on this blog… along with some context/analysis when appropriate.

Please note that this blog is not only for aviation aficionados or historians. It is for anyone and everyone. So many stories of WWI were lost, forgotten, or warped during the past century. I sincerely hope to share some knowledge and spark the interest of some of you… all while debunking some persistent myths along the way.







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3 responses to “Just Over the Horizon—

  1. John

    Looking forward to it, Paraag!

  2. Love the concept and the idea of going back to the beginning of aviation. If you ever have any airplane questions, please ask.


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